And the Eid-ul-fitri mood sets in

It has been 28 days since we started fasting. When it starts, it feels like it is here for long and that is scary to some. But the way days fly… it is like a blink of an eye.

I remember when it started, my non-Muslim friends were sorry for me. Some openly asked the usual question, “Don’t you guys feel hungry?”

I have answered that question many times. This time, I only smiled off. One of them said, “Issa, you fast; I am waiting for Eid. I will be with you then.”

Now Eid is around the corner and expectations are high especially for Muslims who have been observing the fast of this holy month of Ramadhan.

Plans are underway on how to spend the day, where, with whom, and how long.

However, the best plans are those that are in line with the Islamic teachings. I know concert organizers have organized musical events and named them Eid special.

To my dismay, a number of Muslims could consider to jubilate from there. While celebrating is permissible, it should be conducted within the confines of Islam.

Before you make out to go to a musical concert, ask yourself, “Is this event Islamic?” I am afraid that we might undo our fasting.

We should not define Eid special outside the Islamic teachings. What has been Haram in Ramadhan is still Haram.

If you did not attend musical concerts, have sexual intercourse outside marriage, consume intoxicant or engage in any other acts forbidden in Islam that should be the trend.

There is a lot we can do to mark this day. For instance; spend a day with your family and visit relatives.

The prophet urged us to develop and maintain good relations with our relatives. You may as well choose to go out for games, touring, adventure or camping. All these are enjoyable and permissible.

Ramadhan has been a month of Sadaq, charity. We all often gave back to the needy-sharing the love and wealth.

This same act can stretch to the the other days including Eid. How about spending the day with street children, orphans or old people?

It will be disheartening that after these 30 days of schooling (Fasting) we have learnt nothing.

We cannot go back to the old days of ignorance, let us be a changed people. Let us not act like we were worshiping the month, we worship Allah and He still Live. His laws stand and we are required to obey them.

Eid Mubarak