Riots, gunfire as Abiriga’s body arrives home

A combined force of the army and police had to fire live bullets and teargas to quell riots that broke out in Arua following the arrival of the bodies of former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother and bodyguard Saidi Kongo.

Several people waited at Arua airfield and hundreds more lined up the road from the airfield to Arua town as a military chopper that carried the bodies from Kampala arrived in the West Nile district.
The situation got tense as the bodies were loaded into A-plus funeral vans.

The police tried in vain to clear the way for the funeral company’s vans and soon, riots broke out.

A group of mourners grabbed the caskets and marched with them onto the streets of Arua, others descended onto Abiriga’s Arua home and vandalized the tents and chairs that had been set up for the vigil.

Angry mourners destroying tents and chairs at Abiriga’s Anyafio home.

They chanted anti-NRM slogans, tore NRM t-shirts.

Journalists were not spared either, they were beaten, injured, and some had their cameras broken or stolen.

A journalist from Buganda kingdom owned BBS Terefayina was rushed to Rhema hospital for first aid while an NBS TV crew had seek refuge at a police station on Ediofe road as did members of Abiriga’s family.