Museveni proposes tough measures to carb insecurity

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has once again raised his voice against the rising insecurity in the country outlining key measures his government intends to take to remedy the situation.

Speaking at the funeral of fallen Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga, Museveni revealed that government is going to ban wearing of hoods by cyclists across the country.
Museveni explained that assassins riding motorcycles hide their faces under hoods to flee security after commiting atrocities.

“We are going to require all of them to get new helmets with numbers at their back; and those numbers should be shining in the night” added Museveni. He says this is a more convenient way to search for assassins especially amongst millions of town dwellers.

“Because we are looking for an assassin in the three million people living in Kampala; I may not want to use the method of road blocks and security control because it might be disturbing,” explained Museveni. The president further said he would crack a whip on media users with introduction of knew media regulations. He blames the media for promoting hate speech and interfering with investigations.

“We shall need a metal detector to find the needle and control the noise of the fools on radio and social media. If it means to regulate, we will regulate,” said Museveni.

He wondered why there should be a media house propagating what he called false propaganda and political hatred.

“Why should we have a radio which is spreading political hatred; you talk to the owner they don’t want to change; why don’t you close it,” Museveni fumed.

As the security situation in Uganda keeps worsening with killings and kidnaps, Museveni promised to introduce more measures to reverse the situation.