NRM opponents killed Abiriga – Museveni

The slain Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga was known for his strong obsession with NRM’s yellow colour that he could hardly move without anything yellow on him.

When news of his assassination spread on Friday evening, many connected it to his role in last year’s controversial amendment of the Constitution to scrap presidential age limits.

Enroute to Kakumiro district on Saturday morning for this year’s Heroes Day celebrations, President Yoweri Museveni made a stop over at Abiriga’s home in Kawanda, Wakiso district to commiserate with the bereaved family.

While there, Museveni offered credence to suspicion that Abiriga’s killing relates to his strong support for NRM.

“Abiriga was a staunch NRM member and if the assasines did it to harm NRM then they are risking, they could have thought that by killing him, they would weaken NRM,” Museveni who spoke Swahili said.

He wondered why NRM opponents would turn “idiotic” methods of killing those they don’t agree with politically.

“Investigations will continue but there is a possibility that he was killed because of his support for NRM; that shows how foolish those people are,” Museveni said.

“NRM doesn’t kill its opponents, we have never killed any of our opponents yet we have the capacity to kill. We fight using ideas. I have my own ideology, and you have yours to, why should I kill you?” Museveni wondered.

He said that the killers are looking for avenues to destroy the country but would defeat them like has been the case with past criminal groups.

He reiterated his resolve to install closed circuit (CCTV) cameras along the highways and the reinstatement of Local defence personnel (LDUs).