What you should do in Ramadhan’s final bend

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu.

We should gratify Allah SWT for enabling us to fast up to this fourth Friday of Ramadhan. May He accept all our good deeds done so far and pardon any of our weaknesses.

Dear brother or sister, have you ever thought about the greatest dua (prayer) that the Messenger Muhammad SAW advised the mother of believers Aisha R.A. to recite in the Night of Power? She was advised to seek for Allah’s forgiveness! “Allahumma Innaka Afuwwu, Tuhibbul-Afuwa, Fa’f anni”.

Let us draw some key points from this dua:

1. The greatest favor that we should ask Allah for once we get the opportunity of the Night of Decree, is Pardoning us.

This is really touching. Just think about the list of your wants and needs and check whether Allah’s forgiveness is so close.

2. This dua also signals to us that although a Muslim must focus on both worlds (earthly life and the hereafter), the hereafter is more desirable than this present world.

3.Once we are forgiven, the next step is admission to Paradise. That is why when Ramadhan started, the gates of Paradise were opened for the forgiven to enter it.

4. The Messenger of Allah also told us that the deprived is one who gets the opportunity of Ramadhan and he/she is not forgiven.

We should therefore continue seeking for Allah’s forgiveness in the remaining days and nights and beyond.

Remember, we also have another six months of invoking Allah to accept our fasting.

This used to be the way of our pious predecessors.
O Allah pardon us and accept our fasting.
Have a blessed day.