IGG orders Prophet Mbonye out of Lugogo stadium

The Inspector General of Government, Irene Mulyagonja has ordered ZOE fellowship ministries to stop using the Lugogo Cricket Oval stadium as their prayer center pending investigations into how they entered a contract with the National Council of Sports who are the facility’s landlord.

ZOE fellowship ministries, less than a month ago signed a two year contract to use the facility for two days a week.

However, Uganda Cricket Association who are the first beneficiaries of the Oval appealed to the IGG complaining how this was going to affect cricket activities in the country negatively.

John Bosco Onyike, the National Council of Sports chairperson acknowledge receiving the IGG directive.

Onyike said that he is willing to implement the instructions although he also asked the IGG’s office to give NCS time to submit in their defence in relation to how they they reached an agreement with ZOE fellowship ministries.