Allah rewards your patience

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. This is our third Jumah (Friday) of Ramadhan 1439 AH.

May Allah accept our humble acts of worship that we are endeavoring to put on our accounts.

This week, I reflected on two things that I wish to share with you today and these are; Summer season and Patience.
Let us begin with SUMMER:

1. Here in Lahore, temperatures rise up to 45 and beyond . Power consumption is so high due to use of ACs to those who can afford them.

Now, this heat has prompted me to reflect on Hellfire-Jahannam. It cannot be compared to this but it signals to us and me how terrible Jahannam will be.

We therefore ought to draw closer to Allah with acceptable deeds so that we are saved from Jahannam.

Consider your deeds as ACs and buy them as much as you can. Also pray alot to Allah to save you from Jahannam all the time.

2. On patience and some how linked to summer, we should look at its three dimensions;

A). We exercise patience by fulfilling obligations that appear to be tough. Imagine fasting 22 hours or 18 and even 16 just like here in Lahore moreover in summer. Imagine the jihad conditions and waking up for tahajjud. Allah rewards that patience.

B). We exercise patience when calamities befall us. We are tested with death of loved ones, poverty etc. Allah rewards us once we acknowledge those calamities and keep calm within His set borders. Read Al-Baqarah 2:155-158.

C). Finally, the patience of tempting unlawful things that you know. So, when we struggle with our hearts to keep a way from haram, we are rewarded.

Let us embrace patience with all its dimensions and double or triple the energy as we wide up the fasting period.