Bigirimana appointed ILO chief negotiator

The permanent Secretary Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Pius Bigirimana has been appointed the Chief negotiator for Africa at the International Labour Organisation (ILO’s) Standard Setting Committee on ending Violence at work.

This was at the ongoing annual International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday.

Bigirimana noted in his opening statement that violence in the world of work remains a global challenge and it therefore presents a strong case for an international labour standard.

“It’s a considered view in the Africa group that the international standard should take the form of a convention supplemented by a recommendation because a convention leaves no doubt the international community’s commitment to influence domestic or municipal legislation towards ending violence and harassment  in the world of work.” Bigirimana said.

He further stated that the convention opens up state parties to scrutiny by the International Labour Organisations committee on the Application of standards which over the years has proved to be an effective vehicle of securing compliance with international standards.

The Standards are meant to protect workers, whatever their occupation is. The committee will negotiate a guiding framework on how to prevent and address effectively violence and harassment at work.

Bigirimana advised the meeting, that the convention should provide for member states adopting municipal legislations that take into account their national context without seeking to impose their national values on others because of cultural differences.

He also added that the expression of LGTBI should not appear in the proposed convention and supplementary recommendation to avoid doubt.