UPDF asks for additional Shs 369bn for meals, uniforms

The classified budget for Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) is going to increase by an additional Shs 369bn which the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs said will majorly be for purchase of meals clothings for the soldiers.

According to Bright Rwamirama, the Minister of state for Veteran Affairs, Shs 60bn is needed for food, Shs 35bn for fuel, Shs 24bn for clothing, Shs 2bn for medical expenses and Shs 247bn for classified expenditure.

Bright Rwamirama (L) before the budget committee

According to Rwamirama, without basic things like food and clothings, there is no way the soldiers can operate.

Members of Parliament on the Budget Committee have however expressed reservations over the Ministry of Defence’s increasing classified expenditure budget.

Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivumbi said that the increasing classified expenditure may become an avenue for government to hide money and later use it for political activities which frustrates the economy.

Budget committee meeting on Tuesday

However MPs, Peter Ogwanga (Usuk) and Felix Kulayigye (UPDF) said it is not necessary to question the classified expenditure.

Kivumbi however insisted, noting that there is no corresponding benefits realized from the classified expenditure as far are ensuring security within the country is concerned given the prevailing criminality and insecurity in the country.

Ogwang however said since the country is stable, the UPDF should continue getting adequate support, to have the country remain stable.

“We were living in camps but now we are here deliberating in Parliament, that is proof enough that it is through this classified expenditure that government has managed to ensure a secure country,” Ogwang said.