Meet Shaffique Zziwa, the “aircraft” manufacturer

Shaffique Zziwa’s childhood love of flying objects has brought the innovative side of him, trying his hands on manufacturing a helicopter.

The 20-year-old has so far managed putting together something that can only run on the road, but can’t fly.

He insists that what he is building is a chopper, and the mere fact that it can run on the road is encouraging enough.

Zziwa taking an order from a man who wants to have a feel of the “chopper”

Zziwa is a Senior six student at Makerere Highway college but when he is not at school, he is looking for metals and other materials that he can put together to manufacture a helicopter.

“I work from a workshop behind Tina’s hardware in Nakulabye. Once you get there and ask for Omukozi w’enyonyi (aircraft manufacturer) they’ll show you where I am,” he said.

What he has so far is powered by 210cc power generator that he bought at Shs 500,000, the metalic pipes with which he made the frame cost him Shs 150,000 and a motorcycle speedometer that he bought at Shs 50,000.

“It may appear cheap but very expensive,” he said. “The innovation part is the most expensive because there, you try out too many things which fail; all that involves money.”

He depends on handouts from his mother and friends who encourage to go on with his dream.

The “chopper” parked in Namungoona

This one seater “helicopter” is the second he is building. The first one was a 2-seater but crashed when he attempted to fly it.

On May 26, he took his “helicopter” for a second road test in Namungoona having earlier on tested it on the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway.

As he thinks of making it fly, for now, it can make for him a few bucks from those wanting to have a feel of it.