Government to re-introduce speed governors

In response to last weekend’s nasty motor accident in Kiryandongo district, government has re-invented the wheels with a new regulation that requires all commercial vehicles to have speed governors.

The cabinet on Monday decided that car owners be given up to the end of this year to install the speed governors, more than 10 years since the idea was dropped.

In a statement delivered by the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre Ofwono Opondo, cabinet agreed to approve proposed measures by the Ministry of Works and Transport in Uganda.

The proposals will be forwarded to Parliament for approval.

”You remember a while back, may be ten years ago or so we had speed governors; apparently, they were not regulated by law or policy and therefore they were very difficult to enforce. so government is having a second look at speed limit digital system,” Opondo said.

The requirement for all vehicles that carry seven and more passengers to install speed governors was first introduced in 2004 as a measure to address road carnage.
Opondo said that earlier attempt failed because there was “a bit of laxity” on the side of the implementing agencies.

This time round, government, with the approval of Parliament wants commercial motorists to install digital speed governors.

The decision comes three days after a terrible accident at Nanda Kiryandongo claimed 23 lives – 19 on spot and four died in hospital including one pronounced dead on Tuesday morning.

The Gaaga bus accident at Kiryandongo

At least 13 people escaped with critical injuries.

A Kampala bound bus rammed into a tractor from its rear before rolling and collided with a truck carrying beer.

The police have blamed the accident on the tractor that was moving at night without lights.


The new measures also require all commercial vehicles to be licensed with with specific regulatory requirements including inspection for road worthiness; accreditation of drivers of goods vehicles; introduction of a graduated driving license that will mandate drivers of commercial vehicles to undergo refresher courses and training among others expected to be met.

Opondo said, government will establish of automated driver test centers intended to minimize human bias and to allow learner drivers to undergo rigorous testing to confirm their competences to drive before issuance of driving permits; and plans to step up road safety sensitization.