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Food companies to prioritize farm animal welfare

Food companies are to ensure that farm animals are free from pain, hunger and distress as a means of ensuring consumer satisfaction.

The business benchmark on farm animal welfare has reported that the wellbeing of animals has become custom in food processing companies since consumers are highly considering it in their habits.

Business benchmark describes in phases how global food companies are managing and reporting on farm animal welfare by assessing the progress and analyzing factors driving improvements in the corporate practice on farm animal welfare. This is the sixth report.

Victor Yamo, the humane for sustainable agricultural campaigns manager at World Animal Protection, said farm animal welfare is riding high on the consumer agenda, where poor animal welfare along the supply chain of leading global food companies cannot be ignored.

“We expect higher standards of living for farm animals that ensures the animals have a good life, free from pain, fear, boredom and frustration from these companies.” Yamo said.

Yamo said over 50 global food companies, including international brands operating in East Africa are committed to make meaningful improvement to the lives of chicken and other farm animals naming, KFC and Burger King among others.

The report shows that many of the global food companies are integrating farm animal welfare in to their management and reporting progress.

However, the report says more work needs to be done by other stakeholders that sit towards the bottom of the ranking as they show limited evidence of their concern for animal welfare in their businesses.

“We hope to see these food companies responding to consumer demands by working together and in collaboration with other key stakeholders like government to improve standards for farm animal welfare” Yamo said.

The report is aimed at encouraging better discloser of companies’ farm animal welfare standards.