Activists call for legislation on Animal welfare, rights

Many times, trucks loaded with evidently stressed cattle are driven into abattoirs in city but without any serious legislation on the respect of animal rights, the transporters have nothing to worry about.

This is probably due to an information gap in regard to protection of animal rights.

As the World marked the international biological diversity day, animal rights activists called for the enactment of laws for the protection animal welfare.

According to Tennyson Williams, the country director of the World Animal Protection, governments need to prioritise the protection of animal welfare because human beings are highly dependent on animal proteins yet at the same time, animal excretion is used in agriculture.

World Animal Protection’s Tennyson Williams speaking during the Organisation’s report launch in Kampala.

“Animals deserve to enjoy their fundamental freedoms free from suffering and cruelty since they are sentimental just like humans in need to be cared for,” Tennyson said.

According to Tennyson, billions of animals are suffering all around Africa due to lack of proper legislation on animal welfare and thus urged African governments need to ensure enact proper legislation on animal protection, transport and use of animals.

“Good animal welfare is fundamental to a better world, to community wellbeing, to food protection, and agricultural systems, to the environment, to public health, to a sustainable global economy and planet.” Tennyson said.

Good animal welfare, Tennyson said, is critical in keeping a well balanced biodiversity.

As population grows, Tennyson said, intensive farming where animals are farmed for food is bound to grow thus animals need to be treated well.