Parliament wants Ochola’s statement on stone throwing explained

Parliament has asked the Minister of Internal Affairs to explain the statement made by Inspector General of Police Ochola on throwing a stone at people conducting arrests.

Ochola while addressing the press over kidnaps on Wednesday said all security officials are expected to identify themselves before arresting a suspect. He said if those conducting arrests don’t identify themselves, the members of Public should throw stones at them.

“A porofessional police officer is taught in school how to effect an arrest, first of all you must first identify yourself and secondly inform him that you are arresting him for A, B,C. If the arrest is made in the manner that you see, please help us apprehend them, if they’re armed, you can stone them,” Ochola said in the press conference.

Kilak South MP, Gilbert Olanya asked Parliament to compel the IGP to reverse the statement issued noting that this amounts to inciting violence.

Olanya said that if this is not done, the public might end up fighting police officers and resisting arrest which is against the law.

“The statement of the IGP is very serious; it looks as if he is encouraging mob-justice, inciting the public against police officers and this may compromise the security of the country,” Olanya said.

However Aruu county chairperson Odonga Otto said Olanya was out of order , since Ugandans are happy that the IGP actually wants the security personel to indentify themselves before conducting arrests.He says it is barbaric for someone to just walk in and conduct arrests without clear identification.

In her ruling, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga granted Olanya’s prayers summoning the Minister of Internal Affairs to appear before the house and offer clarification on the orders. The Minister is now expected to deliver a statement on that soon.