Ramaphosa pays 5 cows for Bridget’s hand in marriage

It was a cultural function that united the Ramaphosa family from Limpopo province in South Africa with former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s family as Andile Ramaphosa sought Bridget Birungi Rwakairu’s hand in marriage.

Andile, a son to South African president Cyril Rwamaphosa was accompanied by his mother, Hope Ramaphosa as well as other relatives and friends of the Ramaphosas.

Ugandan businessman Charles Mbiire of MTN Uganda was the chief spokesman of the Ramaphosas while Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda spoke for the Mbabazi family at the ‘Okushaba’ function which was mostly conducted in accordance to the Bakiga traditional norms and customs.

Upon arrival, the guests were led into the house and later on to a tent where Bakiga elders received them and served them with Enturire (a local sorghum brew) to set the pace for the negotiations.

Andile and his mother were kept away in accordance with the groom’s Vhavenda cultural norms.

His team reciprocated with a guord of local brew.

Andile was however fined with a goat for having spent nearly 10 years cohabiting with Bridget during which period they got a two-month-old baby girl.

After paying the fine, the Ramaphosas were served with a nother local brew known as entakyweera which among the Bakiga is served to bind a relationship.

At this point, Mbiire on behalf of Ramaphosa announced that they were ready to pay dowry and take Bridget.

This was however rejected by the Mbabazi family on grounds that their daughters are not commodities for sale.

On the advice of former minister Mathew Rukikaire, the word dowry was replaced with a Rukiga word Enderabaana. Andile’s family gave five cows and the same number of goats.

They are expected to return to Uganda for Okuhingira on August 4