Legislators Querry KCCA’s budget for Agriculture

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) was on the spot for failing to adhere to its budget, but diverting funds for other use.

According to the committee report on the Ministerial Policy Statement of the Ministry of Agriculture, the committee noted that the money allocated to KCCA in line with promotion of agriculture was wastage of tax payers’ money and was misused.

In the report, the Committee says that KCCA was allocated Shs 6.65bn for FY2018/19 for improving urban farming, however this did not go as planned.

Buvuma County MP, Robert Ndugwa Migadde said KCCA asks for money saying It is for Agriculture and uses it different, which goes against the principles of budgetting.

“The funds being allocated to KCCA for Agriculture have been diverted for instance in FY 2O17/18 ,shs 2bn  was used to purchase USAFI market and those funds have no impact on Agriculture and therefore are not value for money,” Migadde who is also the committee Vice Chairperson said.

The MP also says KCCA was duplicating roles meant to be played by the Ministry of Agriculture by involving in Agriculture, hence recommending that the current shs 5 bn be re-allocated.

The report says that if the 1.65 bn for KCCA is to be retained to improve Urban farming , there should be better modalities of managing it.

However other MPs defended the money for farming in Kampala, saying it is vital.

“In Kampala, we do farming, there are various methods and modalities of farming, the people of Kampala have poultry farms in their backyards and carry on a number of agricultural activities which need to be improved,” MP Allan Ssewanyana said.

The Minister of Agriculture, Ssempijja requested that the money remain as earlier allocated with the aim of helping house wives who can grow simple crops.

“We can use the fund to help the women who stay at home help them grow mushrooms, poultry and other products which they can sell and earn a living,” Ssempijja said.

The report of the committee was later adopted by Parliament with amendments leaving the allocated funds to KCCA.