Young achievers awards 2018 goes digital

The race for the 2018 young achievers awards organised by Reach a Hand Uganda is slated for 18th August 2018, with many talented young people gearing for the event.

The event which aims at recognizing the hard work of the youth in the country last year saw a group of young creative minds gather and walk away with prestigious prizes.

According to Humphrey Nabimanya  the team leader at Reach a hand Uganda, nominations are now open and they all of the submissions will have to be digital.

He says this is in a bid to open the gates for the young people who are impacting society and communities using technology and influencing society.

“We are in a global era of technology and trying to find answers to literally everything that comes around. It’s the right time that we recognize and appreciate the young minds doing tremendous work in our societies using technology” he said.

The theme for the award this year is “Rewarding innovation and excellence also inspiring the next generation of world leaders”

Nabimanya says this year they will be appreciating the work of youth impacting society and their communities through unique and creative entrepreneur and businesses.

“Ugandan youth have all the potential and there are a hundreds of innovations they can take part in they simply need to be brought out in the spot light”

He says it is important to tap into the young population of Uganda, with youths standing at 77% of the Population below the age of 30 years.