Mufti Shaban Mubajje condemns kidnaps and murders 

The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje has condemned the brutal killings and kidnaps happening across the country.

This was contained in his Ramadhan Message delivered by the Second Deputy Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa.

He says it is very sad and unfortunate that such strange acts are happening in Uganda in the current era.

” How would one feel if his member of a family is detained forcefully and end up being killed in cold blood for seeking money, money becoming a prime thing for life, it is indeed very sad’  ‘ the statement reads.

The statement calls  upon the Muslims to continue praying for peace, unity and understanding of one another globally while choosing peace over violence in times of misunderstandings.

Mubajje says in the statement that true test of belief goes beyond slogans and dress code but sticking to core principles shared by majority of religious sects in world.

He says, the principle of upholding the sanctity of life and respecting the dignity of all humans as shared by major religions should be embraced

He  also condemned failure by some Muslims to fast citing excuses of poverty and fake sickness.

“For the claim of poverty that one has nothing to eat, that is not an excuse; It is a community obligation to provide for one another. God Almighty has provided for us treasures to share but indeed because of selfishness, some of us have a lot and we actually decide to throw left overs and do not provide for others”  the statement reads.

The statement of the mufti comes amidst fears of kidnaps and disappearances in the country, with some captors killing victims after demanding for ramson. Just on Wednesday Rose Nakisseka was kidnapped and killed by the kidnappers after they asked for 5 million shillings.