KCCA ED warns Lukwago against misconduct

In a strongly worded letter to Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, the executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Jennifer Musisi issued a stern warning to Lukwago and his councillors against what she termed as conduct that tarnishes the image of the city authority.

In her letter, Musisi raises concern over the manner in which KCCA meetings are conducted, despite earlier engagements in which Lukwago and the councillors undertook to act more professionally.
“We have noted with concern that members of the authority in the course of [KCCA] meetings continue to deliberately abuse, humiliate, defame and demean the professional team of KCCA,” Musisi wrote.
The letter is dated May 16 and is copied to Lukwago’s deputy, Sarah Kanyike, Kampala minister Beti Namisango Kamya, the State Minister for Kampala Benny Namugwanya Bugembe, all division mayors and councillors.

“We have in the past lost highly qualified Technical staff on account of the constant unfair harassment and humiliation by politicians in KCCA. The authority expends a lot of time on non-value adding matters,” Musisi said.
She told Lukwago that under Section 19 (g) of the KCCA, the technical staff at KCCA are appointed by the President, Public Service Commission, Education and Health Service Commissions and therefore answerable to her; the chief executive, accounting officer and head of public service at KCCA as laid down in Section 17 of the KCCA Act.

“The technical staff are legally mandated by the executive director, their performance and discipline inclusive as of the KCCA Act that gives the executive director power over accounting and public service of the Authority.

“Matters to do with the technical staff are therefore within the legal mandate of the executive director including their performance and discipline,” Musisi stated.

Page 1 of Jennifer Musisi’s 4-page letter to Erias Lukwago

She drew Lukwago to Section 11 of the KCCA Act, telling him that his role as the political head of the authority is to superintend over the councillors and monitor their performance and coordination with their electorates.

“We therefore find it irregular that the Lord Mayor and authority councillors have in the past attempted to supervise the performance and discipline of civil servants,” Musisi wrote.

“There have also been Authority meetings convened to discuss rumors and allegations without prior consultation or request for information from the technical team” she added.

She also derided the way Lukwago and other politicians have publicly attacked, defamed and even blatantly uttered falsehoods against the staff on public media, saying the malicious rumors and falsehoods they have peddled featured on the Order Papers of the Authority meetings.

“Such discussions that are purely malicious and defamatory do not only expose the Authority to legal liability by the affected persons but also waste the valuable time of the overstretched technical staff and damage the image of the Authority,” Musisi stated.

“The image of the Authority which should be concentrating on the public needs for service delivery. It is important to recall that the technical staff are appointed to serve the public in tangible ways and focus resources spent in meetings on matters that add value to the public,” she further wrote.

She demanded mutual respect and order in the authority meetings but notified Lukwago that the technical team will only attend meetings that are “guided by set agenda and add value to the public service delivery needs.”

Musisi penned the letter after Lukwago on May 14 demanded a comprehensive report on the KCCA salary structure in the wake of a proposal by the Kampala minister to increase the salaries of both the staff and political leaders at KCCA.