What UN chief told Museveni

On May 8, the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres responded to a diplomatic note sent to him by President Yoweri Museveni, protesting the planned relocation of its Africa regional service centre at Entebbe to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Museveni wrote to Guterres on April 28 in an earnest hope of overturning the proposal but in his response, Guterres indicated to Museveni that the decision to relocate the centre was taken six years ago.

“I appreciate your concerns regarding the potential impact that the Global service delivery model (GSDM) may have on the United Nations presence in Entebbe. As you may be aware, the consideration by the UN General Assembly of the GSDM predates my assumption of office and the shift to a new model for the delivery of administrative services was first proposed to the General Assembly nearly six years ago,” Guterres wrote.

To make the proposal, Guterres stated, a number of factors were considered in the independent external assessment to determine the locations as proposed in the report.
The report proposes Nairobi as the new host of the Africa regional service centre, Mexico City in Mexico in Central America and Budapest, the capital of Hungary in Europe – three locations expected to provide time zone and regional coverage, ensuring a strong business continuity.

Here below is Guterres’ letter to Museveni in full.