Cash strapped NRM runs to businessmen for support

On April 29, NRM party chairman Yoweri Museveni sent out letters to various entrepreneurs in the country seeking for financial in preparation of various forthcoming elections.

“Having won the general elections and local government elections in 2016, we still have by-elections and also elections in new electoral areas. All these need money. We also need to build up funds for the future elections,” Museveni wrote.

Museveni’s letter to the Kwagalana group chairman.

The ruling party is currently preparing for elections in the newly created Municipalities and districts which may cost it a fortune.

NRM secretary general, Justine Kasule Lumumba confirmed the authenticity of a copy of Museveni’s letter that has been circulated on social.

She was responding to questions from journalists at the Uganda Media Centre where she joined the Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda to launch the NRM manifesto week during which various government ministries will give an account on the implementation of the NRM manifesto.

“After discussion with the secretary general and the national treasurer (Rose Namayanja), we took a decision that he [Museveni] writes letters thanking the people who supported the party financially during the past elections but also inform them of the pending challenge faced by the party,” Lumumba said.

She however declined to mention how much the party needs for the forthcoming elections.
Currently, the party is focussed on by-elections for Rukungiri Woman MP and that of Busia district chairman.

But there are also upcoming elections for 12 new parliamentary seats as well as municipal councils.

Lumumba expressed optimism that the party will record victories in the upcoming elections given its 2016 record where its presidential flag bearer Yoweri Museveni won with 60.62%.

At Parliament, the party garnered 293 out of 416 of their flag bearers winning parliamentary seats representing 70.4% in other elections.

“This number has since grown to 303(70.96%) following a series of by-elections conducted in both the newly created electoral areas and the old constituencies.” Lumumba said.


“It is also worth noting that majority of the independent MPs are also NRM leaning,”
she added.

Rugunda during the launch of the NRM Manifesto at Media centre in Kampala

The victories, Lumumba said, are tagged on the people-based party manifesto that served as the contract between the party and the voters under the theme ‘Taking Uganda to modernity through job creation and inclusive development’

Lumumba said, the NRM secretariat hav developed a monitoring tool to use in assessing performances to maintain regular engagements with the key players and call government to act.