Uganda Police: We do not tolerate torture 

The Uganda Police force has said that it does not tolerate torture as alleged by some members of the community.

The statement by police comes at a time when Police is  renouncing the allegations of torture against police officials and Muhangi Herbert, the former commander of the flying squad. The allegations are made by Charles Bwerwanaho who claims he was tortured by the said Officer while he was at police custody in Kampala.

According to Bwerwanaho the allegations are baseless and full of falsehood.

“there were different people torturing, but I remember Bekunda, Muhangi would be supervising the torture, they would just come in and tell me they need 500m or else I would never see sunshine again” Bwerwanaho reports.

The police has denied these allegations saying, Mr. Bwerwanaho should have notified the court about his claims of torture when he was taken to court upon appearance before the Chief magistrate.

Patrick Onyango the deputy police spokesperson said the police does not tolerate torture and the public should not be confused on this.

“He didn’t notify the court about his claims of torture at the time of his arrest, while in police custody at CPS Kampala and theft of his Shs 60,000, court proceedings are there to confirm this.” The police deputy police spokesperson Patrick  Onyango said.

Onyango added that while in police custody, the OC or CID could physically check on Bwerwanaho during the general suspects parade in the morning,questioning why he did not complain of any torture or his money being stolen.

“He is trying to tarnish the name of ACP Muhangi and others as a way to revenge the sentence awarded to him because of the evidence given by the investigating officers.” He said.

Bwerwanaho was arrested on 7th August 2016 and taken to court on 9th August immediately after the constitutional time frame work of 48 hours rule. He was accused of issuing false cheques, forgery and uttering false documents.

According to police, it an institution that doesn’t support torture of any suspect and theft of any kind and their officers are well aware of this.