Photos: Style and fashion at its best at #blanketsandwine19

Events like Blankets and Wine can never be complete without the appearance of slay queens, stylish ladies and men who mesmerise the crowd.

This edition was not an exception, on the contrary their turn up this time was bigger than all the other previous editions.

Small, big, tall and short stylish babes made their way to Lugogo by 2pm attired in all sorts of fashions that one can think of, some with hot boyfriends accompanying them, others just by them selves or lady friends.

They brightened up the event and made it colorful in their bright outfits, revealing shorts, Patras, see-through dresses, pants, crop tops, shirt dresses, nets among others.

“I never miss out on any of these day events because they are always refreshing. We get to dress up in anything we want without fearing any judgements and insults,” stated a one Sheila who was in patras and a black top that showed off her cleavage.

One can easily believe that majority of the men attend blankets and Wine for the sole purpose of eye nutrition because they kept on picking up their jaws from the grassed ground.

“Wow this is too much for me today, where do all these babes be hiding? My eyes are almost popping out,” confessed a gentleman as he passed by looking at bootylicious babes.

The slay queens showed up in their girl cliques while others were in company of their ‘blessers’ and boyfriends.

They ordered for chips and chicken, sipped on the huge bottles of wine and danced till they were sweating blood. It was a life changing evening for most of them.