Taxi drivers registration kicks off in Masaka

The Masaka Municipal Council has issued new regulations on taxi drivers that will commence next week.

The new guidelines were passed in a meeting organized at the mayor’s chambers where a number of stakeholders including taxi drivers resolved to enact them.

The new guidelines demand that all taxi operators registering with the municipality for proper identification and this will help in phasing out of suspicious and illegitimate drivers within the town.

Mayor Godfrey Kayemba who said a number of people had turned driving into their main business despite lacking qualifications in the job.

Kayemba revealed that he always receives complaints about the loss of people and property which according to him is due to the increasing number of vehicles on the roads whose owners are unidentified.

“Everyone now drives a taxi on the road, be it a small vehicle or a big one, even those that do not deserve to be transporting people are doing taxi driving which we shall not allow,” Kayemba noted.

Kayemba also said that their research indicates that many vehicles that carry passengers are tinted while others are unmarked which is not allowed.

He revealed the plan of arresting and charging all the people who will not comply is in offing.

Kayemba said that a new law has been put in place of loading and offloading passengers from the gazette taxi parks and stages as the only way to bring Masaka town in order.

“We have always been merciful to taxi drivers but because we are organizing the town, everything is going to change within one week and with effect from Monday, the regulations are going to begin,” he added.

The Resident District Commissioner Joe Walusimbi ordered the officer in charge of traffic to arrest whoever will not follow the rules.

Walusimbi during the meeting.

“We have learnt that most of the vehicles have turned out to be culprits of theft, the vehicles are very many on the road and we don’t know where they are coming from but with this new regulation, all will be handled and the town will regain its esteem,” Walusimbi noted.

“Every week, we receive about two to three cases of accidents from motor vehicles and boda-boda riders, but we are challenged with a problem of arresting the persons who commit the offences because after they are committed, those responsible take off,” Nandege said.

Drivers who attended the meeting welcomed the new regulations saying they are ready to abide by it.

Bashir Mawanda, the coaster stage chairman said he will get a team of his men to help police in the crackdown.

Bashir Mawanda emphasising the new regulations passed by the Municipal authorities.

He said they had started getting organized but put the blame on vehicles that do not have respective places of work.

He noted that many vehicles come from nowhere and start loading passengers at a cheaper price which leaves those in gazette places disturbed of their actions.