Tanga bashes Kamunyu for interfering with party elections

NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi on Friday warned the Isingiro LC V Chairperson Jeremiah Kamulari for allegedly intefering with his work.

Odoi said as the Chairman of NRM Electoral Commission, he should not plead with Kamulari, saying he has given a directive to Kamulari to stop interfering with his work as chair electoral commission of the NRM.

“I have given him orders to stop interfering with our work. He might be the elected Chairman LC V but i am the chairman electoral commission and the controller” Odoi said.

He threatened to take Kamulari to courts of law if he continues to meadow in his work instead of concentrating on his role as LC5.

“I called him this morning when he was going to town to sort candidates, under what mandate does he start sorting out candidates” Odoi asked.

Tanga claimed Kamulari does not even qualify to be the chairman electoral commission but rather a candidate for district chairmanship.

” I have several qualifications, principles, transparency, education I am high. I am not going to play about with my job. Don’t play around with my job in Isingiro Hon. Kamulari. I don’t fight useless battles and I don’t get defeated on principled battle”

Mr Kamulari is accused of carrying out the work of the Electoral Commission without authorisation.

NRM warned any district leaders against performing the duties of the Electoral Commission.

Article 39(11) of the NRM constitution gives mandate to the NRM electoral commission to delegate any member or organ of the NRM to perform the functions of the Commission on its behalf.

Dr. Tanga issued the warning while addressing media at the party headquarters in Kyadondo where he also revealed candidates of the 11th May 2018  NRM primaries in Pallisa and Butebo Districts.

Three candidates; Alupo Faith, Ibaseret Josephine Nkibs and Kaala Kevin Ojinga shall struggle to represent the NRM in elections for Pallisa District Woman MP seat. The seat went vacant on 22nd March 2018 when the court of Appeal nullified the election of NRM’s Winfred Masiko.

Masiko was dragged to court after her immediate rival from the FDC Betty Muzanira cited voter bribery and demanded a recount of votes cast at some polling stations in 2016. Court found Masiko guilty of giving donations and hence ordered for a bi-election.

In Butebo District, four candidates shall compete for the party flag bearership in the forthcoming election for the LC V Chairperson.
Campaigns in both districts started on 4th and shall continue till 29th. The bi-elections are set for 31 May 2018.