MP Kamusiime threatens hunger strike over mistreatment of voters

Butemba County MP, Pentagon Kamusiime has threatened to go on hunger strike if government doesn’t not stop alleged inhumane treatment of his voters in Kyankwanzi district.

Kamusiime took to the floor of Parliament on Thursday, narrating the ordeal his voters are going through following the giving away of their land to an investor, without government putting in place modalities on resettlement of the residents.

Raising the concern as a matter of national importance, Kamusiime notes that the 21square mile land occupied by over 7000 locals in Sunga village, Kyankwanzi district, located  behind the National Leadership Institute was given out to an investor to conduct cattle fattening project.

He says despite the fact that President Yoweri Museveni promised to resettle these people, this hasn’t been done but instead, Uganda UPDF soldiers from the Leadership Institute have descended on the people for the past week, driving the locals out in inhumane ways.

He says he is not against the investment project, but only wants his residents resettled elsewhere.

He said: “I don’t think that Government should stop the project but we should have a human face in this. I am thinking that Government should resettle these people so that life can go on.”

“Help me, the soldiers stop torturing my people otherwise, our plan is to go on hunger strike should my people continue suffering because I can’t sit here and eat chips and chicken when my people are put under such circumstances,” Kamusiime added.