“His a nice man” Spice Diana speaks about Manager

The ‘32′ Singer spice Diana has praised her longtime manager Roger Lubega for the nice person he has been towards her saying every person needs someone like him.

She said this while defending their relationship saying it’s a work relationship without strings attached.

“People will always talk about you when you become popular or when they like what you do. As for Roger, we are just business partners. He is one of the people that wish me well,” she said.

The “Anti kale” singer added that it has been Roger that has gotten her to where she is now.
“He is a nice guy, but that doesn’t mean we are dating. He has sacrificed a lot to see me grow musically. As for a relationship we aren’t maybe a match because everyone has their own partners,” she blushed away.

Spice and Roger have been reported for a while to be a couple although they both deny the allegations claiming they are friends.