Ugandans still tortured as they export Labor – Sam Kuteesa

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa has said several Ugandans who export labor abroad still experience enormous torture.

Kuteesa said during celebrations of the International Labour day in Sembabule district where President Museveni is the chief guest.

Thousands of people have thronged to Sembabule district to celebrate the International labor day with a theme of promoting public spirit in the public sector. International Labor Day is meant to celebrate the achievements of workers world over.

Kuteesa now says they are trying to engage leaders in countries where most Ugandans are affected to see that the problem is overcome by signing memorandum of under-standing that can pave way for Ugandans to work freely in those countries.

Ugandan girls who were rescued late last year from Arabian countries.

He says Uganda will do all it can to ensure Ugandans are safe while working. He also says the country will try and be vigilant in scrutinising details of girls traveling abroad for employment purposes.

Kuteesa welcomes speaker Kadaga at the Labor day celebrations in Sembabule.

Hundreds of Ugandan girls especially in the Middle East have been mistreated while over 19 girls have allegedly committed suicide after mistreatment.

As a result Government through the gender ministry banned several companies dealing with labor export, and also ensured that countries where Ugandans seek employment from like Qatar,Oman,Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates among others.