Museveni defends importation of cuban doctors

President Museveni has defended the importation of Cuban doctors into Uganda, saying Ugandans doctors were abandoning the health sector over pay.

Speaking at the International Labor day celebrations held in Sembabule district on Tuesday, Museveni said he cannot tolerate the unserious-ness of the doctors who neglect their duties and want patients to die. Museveni termed the action by doctors to demand for pay rise and strike for months as blackmail.

Minister Kuteesa welcomes speaker Kadaga.

“A doctor who goes on strike is not a doctor but he is an enemy of the country. In fact I wanted to go back to the bush, I warn you that I do not want hear that nonsense again because I will not tolerate it” Museveni noted.

Museveni’s statement comes after a series of strikes in the country by doctors, lecturers and judges.

Doctors led by Dr Okwaro Obuku early this year staged months-long strike crippling the health facility. The doctors demanded for fare working conditions and a pay rise. Government had committed to pay a starting doctor five million shillings.

Just today, Intern doctors in Kampala announced a strike over unpaid arrears.

President Museveni inspects exhibitors stalls

Now Museveni has said he has worked for Uganda for the last 50 years but people do not recognise this and yet he liberated the country.

“We freedom fighters have been working in Uganda for a very long time, the police men and UPDF officers you see in that rain have never laid down their tools because of low pay, yet they do a lot in this country, I warn you that I am the president of this country and I will not work under anyone,” He added.

Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale of West Buganda Diocese leads prayers at the celebrations

Museveni revealed that the doctors acted selfishly and they showed the unprofessionalism within them.

Museveni reiterated the fact that he gets a salary of Shs3.6m since 1996 which is very low to that of some civil servants, because the Members of Parliament forced him to reduce his salary advising civil workers to stop the nonsense they are trading in other sectors.

Museveni who seized power in 1986 said doctors were giving him ideas to go back to the bush.

Museveni launching Mijwala Sub County water project in Sembabule district

The president’s defence comes after the general chairman of National Organisation Trade Union Usher Owere pleaded to him to halt the construction of roads and rather increase civil servants salaries the lowest to Shs 1.3m.