DP calls for functional labor unions 

The Democratic Party has urged labor Unions to work towards proTecting  the rights of workers in Uganda but not to involve themselves in Politics.

In it’s Labour Day message, DP says existing labor Unions only operate to please government but not to serve their people.

DP spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande  while addressing the media at their offices in Kampala on Tuesday called upon workers themselves to build a strong workers’ Union that would fight for their rights.  He says the labour unions in Uganda are extremely weak, with many of them being an extension of the government arm.

Kakande further condemned workers’ representatives who instead of serving workers operate to earn gratitude from government.

“Many workers’ MPs are seen in bed with the tormentor, the government. The workers MP should also pull up their socks. They should be seen to put government on tenterhooks to protect the workers at the work place”.

He also said there should be respect and implementation for employment rights by government, saying they are dismayed at how employees are bullied by employers even when there are anti-bullying policies.

“Employment rights in Uganda today and over the years are getting lost, others are getting weaker and under threat because they are opposed by employers and politicians as bad for the economy, or causes unnecessary bureaucracy” Kakande adds.

Kakande also lashed  at investors for subjecting their employees to harsh and ill treatment. He cited cases of mistreatment, non payment and unfair dismissal at work as issues to be addressed to industrial courts.

DPs statement comes days after state minister for gender, labour and social development made a plea to employers to improve working conditions of their employees. He reiterated government commitment to ensure employee rights are respected by their respective employers.

“DP is appalled that industrial court is weak. It is nothing but a paper tiger in its current state. Unless the government strictly streamlines and empowers the industrial court to adjudicate and execute cases without necessarily going through the labor offices, equip the Labor offices and discuss the minimum wage with a high degree of political will, uniting workers for Social and Economic Advancement will be nothing but an empty slogan”.