112 children, women rescued as Police raid Kampala Mosque

A joint security team led by Police today morning rescued 18 women and 94 children after a raid at Usafi Mosque, in kisenyi that led to the death of two suspected terrorists.

According to Jeje Odongo  the Minister for Internal Affairs, they raided the Mosque while trailing a suspect believed to be connected to the Susan Magara murder who was early this year killed by her captors who had demanded the family for a ramson.

The name and details of the dead suspects was not disclosed by press time.

Addressing the press today at the  Media Center Jeje Odongo says  the suspects were killed after they attacked members of the security who were trailing the suspect.

Odongo says the suspect ran to Usafi Mosque for safety before police uncovered a gang of suspected terrorists who were armed with machetes and started to pursue security operatives.

Odongo said this prompted the police to shoot two people dead.

As a result of the raid, 36 suspects have been arrested and 60 rounds of ammunition, bows and arrows, machetes and a laptop.  Odongo said they would leave no stone unturned.

“I would like also to underling the fact that we have a head start that the security agencies will follow you, unless you go underground, but as long as you are in Uganda, I promise we will look for you and we will get you.” Odong said.

“So it does not pay for you to get involved in crime, we will get you” he added.

Meanwhile in the course of the raid, 18 women and 94 children of various nationalities were rescued unharmed though they were found in a traumatized state. Some of these are believed to have come from neighboring countries.

Police spokesperson Emiliano Kayima said that, police is making arrangements to hand over the rescued people.

“In the meantime, the child and family protection Unit of the police will take care of them.” Kayima said.

Police spokesman Emilian Kayima while addressing a press conference at Media centre.

He says however, there are other suspects linked to these cases that are highly wanted by police  and thus urged the general public to quickly notify it in confidence about the whereabouts of these suspects so as they are apprehended.

“The security forces are working jointly to ensure safety and security for all. We guarantee that justice will be done.” Kayima said.

“The security forces take exception of the fact that such a place of worship could be under the cover of sanctity and freedom of worship to plan and execute crime thus the mosque will continue to be secured and restricted.”

Several parents had reportedly raised complaints about the mosque in question, saying although the clerics in the Mosque were polite while picking up children, they threatened them back when they tried to check on the child.