Government warns employers against poor work environment

State Minister for Gender , Labor and Social Development, Peace Mutuuzo has warned employers who expose their workers to risk environments at work, saying they could be closed.

Speaking at a press conference at the Government media centre today ahead of World day for safety and health at work April 28th , Mutuuzo threatened to take action against any factories that do not provide the necessary safety and health risk measures to their employees in execution of their duties.

She said several work stations are unbearable and substandard, urging all employers to ensure that the workers are in safe hands.

” Cancer which accounts for a third of all work-related deaths is caused by asbestos, other carcinogenic dusts and chemicals, and ionizing radiation and a number of on-the-job accidents are preventable and therefore should interest factories owners to prevent them. ” Mutuuzo says.

According to David Mugisha, the Commissioner Occupational Safety and health at the ministry, a number of factories come into existence before meeting the requirements. He says ideally, factories become operational after they have been certified to meeting the required minimum standards. However, over time they start deviating from the required standards.

Mugisha says ” We Inspect them and take measures depending on the situation. We adise them, but if the situation is hazardous, we close them immediate.”

He says factories need protective gears for employees to wear while at work but there is concern with workers of some companies striking over lack of protective gear and general poor working environment.

Ministry of Gender has introduced occupational safety and health promotional activities including awareness creation, sanitation drive and a dialogue forum ahead of the World day for Safety and Health at work. Uganda will celebrate the day on Saturday