IUIU finalists face expulsion over pregnancy, alcoholism

Two final year students of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) are facing expulsion from the University for getting pregnant and consuming alcohol while at the institution.

The two are part of the ten students facing the IUIU disciplinary committee which has recommended to the Executive Board for expulsion.

The two students are in trouble for getting pregnant outside marriage, but also alleged theft.

“The cases that were handled ranged from theft, consumption of alcohol and pregnancy outside marriage; which are punishable by discontinuation according to our University policies”noted IUIU PRO, Rehema Kantono.

Six out of the total number of 23 were also recommended for a dead year each while the remaining seven students were issued with warning letters and each demanded to submit an apology.

The expulsion means the two loose out on the bachelors degree that they were pursuing.

IUIU disciplinary Committee on 13th April 2018 handled a total of 23 disciplinary cases and made the above recommendations to the executive board-the top most organ at IUIU.

The fate of the students now awaits the decision of the executive board which is expected to sit on Tuesday.

The university has strict rules and regulations especially on conduct and following Islam.

According to Kantono, the strictness in meant to ensure there is maintenance of the moral values that IUIU stands for.

She said “We therefore urge you to be patient with us and understand the circumstances under which such decisions were made, because this is done to maintain the moral values that IUIU stands for”.