Children’s welfare is the future of our nation

Ugandan children have joined the entire world in celebration of international children’s day, under the theme ‘a safe future lies in child welfare’ at Asiyah kids school, Kiteezi campus.

The event has hosted delegates from Turkey and children from different schools all around the country exhibiting the role of children in the future of the nation.

As Ugandans celebrate the day joyfully, it’s being celebrated in Turkey as well with participation of Ugandan children. Children wear their national costumes, present performances and they are accompanied by their traditional music. Turkey invites children from over 50 countries each year to attend the celebrations, since it’s the only children festival in the world.

Speaking at the function, the Turkish ambassador H.E Sedef Yavuzalp said that, the festival intends to contribute to the creation of a world where children can live peacefully by developing sentiments of fraternity friendship, and love among themselves.

“The Turkish president Recep Tayyip will be receiving students from 40 countries in state house today. A delegation of Ugandan children have also gone to Turkey for this event.” Sedef said.

She revealed that the Turkish government has tried in recent years through its mega projects to build a country which could benefit the children in terms of increased prosperity, wealth and happiness urging Uganda to do the same.


Turkish Ambassador to Uganda H.E Sedef Yavuzalp delivering her speech at the International Children’s Day

“Well educated children who become friends with other children from other countries are what is needed for peace and happiness to prevail in this world.” Sedef Said.

She congratulated children, and wished them success in their lives for the future of the nation.

“We want you to get the best education and patriotism is the key, the key is to love your country, to get an education and to work hard for your country, this is the most important value you must acquire.”

She also advised parents to be vigilant against foreign schools which finance terrorism. She adds that these schools are agents of illegal activities such as indoctrination, financing of terrorism, money laundry and espionage, these schools exist in Uganda unfortunately and they belong to terrorist cults.

H.E Sedef Yavuzalp donating to children at the function.

The ambassador and other Turkish humanitarian organisations donated gifts to the children.

This celebrated day was founded when a new parliament was opened in Ankara after the Turkish liberation war. Consequently founder of Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Attaturk was elected as the first speaker of parliament and he proclaimed on the occasion of the establishment of the national assembly on April 23rd, that children are the future of all nations. Thus he gave an importance to their education and gifted this day to them and to world children.

The Ambassador having a fun moment with the children.