CCTV project suffers further setback

The proposal to buy Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras for security of the country has suffered yet another setback, as the 458bn shillings required by Internal Affairs Ministry is not provided in the 2018/2019 budget.

In March 2017 while addressing mourners at the departed Assistant Inspector of Police Felix Kaweesi in Kampala, President Museveni issued a directive for the installation of CCTV cameras across major locations in the country. Kaweesi, also the Police spokesperson then was gunned down alongside his driver and guard as he left his home in the morning by unknown armed men.

However following the directive of the president, no funds have been allocated for the purchase of the cameras, which require up to 458 billion.

Just like in this financial year, In the 2018/2019 ministerial policy statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the procurement of the CCTV items is under unfunded priorities of the Police, meaning the CCTV may not be purchased.

In their submission to the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs, the Police team noted that the money for its Electronic Policing projects that include; President’s directive to procure CCTV cameras, expanding digital mobile radio networks, maintenance and upgrading of Information and Technology systems hadn’t received funding.

Rogers Muhiirwa, The Under Secretary Police said that the systems if availed would be critical at monitoring Police’s fleet. He says the CCTV is meant to curb crime in the country, and this funds should be provided to facilitate the work of the Police.

The CCTV Camera proposal came up since September 2013, following the Boston bombing in the United States. President Museveni had ordered for installation of cameras saying that although the human being are the first sources of information, they may fail to see crimes take place, something CCTV Cameras are capable of capturing.

At the time, Government said a Chinese firm had been procured because the cameras on the market were more expensive than the Chinese items.

According to  Police, the CCTV camera project would take three phases including installation of cameras in the central business district of Kampala and the neighbouring areas of Wakiso, Entebbe and Mukono, while second phase would go to major towns like Gulu, Mbale, and Fort portal among others