Pakistan disowns Angella Katatumba

From being severely beaten in a night brawl in a bar to being denounced by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; tragic could best describe singer Angella Katatumba’s weekend.

The musician, according to a Facebook post by her brother Allan Katatumba, was beaten at Chicken Tonight, a hangout joint in Kabalagala near Kampala.

“I want to inform the public that my sister, musician, and acting ambassador HE Angella Katatumba was severely and senselessly attacked and robbed by Chicken Tonight (Kabalagala) manager and staff,” Allan’s post partly reads.

According to the post, Angella had spent the day in studio at Baltmor Records with Kuzi Kz recording their new song “Out of my head” till about 4am when they went to the hangout joint for a late night snack.

Angella after being hit in a bar brawl

As fate would have it, emerged late on Saturday that the singer had a month back been denounced by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country she has been representing as acting honorary consul in Uganda.

In a diplomatic note from the Pakistani High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya to the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Pakistan indicated that its Kampala consulate ceased to operate with the death of Boney M Katatumba who was its honorary consul.

“The Honorary consulate currently operating in Uganda under Ms. Angelina Katatumba is fake and fictitious and has no legal authority at all,” the diplomatic note partly reads.

“The so-called Honorary Consulate of Islamic republic of Pakistan in Uganda is still operating illegally,” the diplomatic note further stated.

It further requested the ministry of foreign affairs, Ugandans and all concerned authorities to be notified that after the closure of the honorary consulate in Kampala, no consular documents issued by anyone in their name should be accepted by the Ugandan authorities.

The Pakistani High Commission in Nairobi wrote in response to an earlier correspondence from Kampala which was sent on October 25, 2017.

The ministry wrote a day after Angella wrote to it on October 24, 2017 indicating that the High Commission in Nairobi had no powers to close the Consulate.

“The Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Uganda was officially appointed by the President of Pakistan HE Gen Pervez Musharraf and has been operating successfully for the past 17 years and continues to do so presently, despite the unfortunately passing of Honorary Consul Gen Prof Boney Mwebesa Katatumba,” Angella wrote.

Her letter went on to state that since she was the deputy to her father, she would carry on the Consulate duties until the President of Pakistan announces otherwise.

The Kampala Consulate is under the Nairobi based Pakistan High Commission but a search on their website does not show Angella’s particulars but rather those of her late father.

Angella had since the death of her father in February 2017 been presenting herself as Pakistan’s representative in Kampala and was receiving VIP recognition at key national events.