Nankabirwa, Bahati survive helicopter accident


Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa and the State Minister for Planning David Bahati survived a helicopter crash in Kabale.

The two government ministers had travelled to Karujanga in Kabale for the belated edition of Women’s Day celebrations in the district which were presided over by Nankabirwa.

The helicopter registration number 5X-KEG belongs to Kampala Executive Aviation (KEA).
Speaking to IntelPost from Kabale, Bahati said, their chopper got trapped by electric wires as it took off.

“The chopper we were using was going to get us into serious trouble but thankfully, we managed to land and none of us got injured,” Bahati said.
He sounded fatigued as he spoke to us.

For about three minutes, the chopper’s pilot, Chris Dewit and his co-pilot Rowen McHarry struggled to get out of the electric wires but failed until they eventually decided to land to safety at Makanga Golf Course.

Bahati and Nankabirwa soon after they had touched down at Makanga golf course

“It couldn’t fly higher, it was wise for us to land and find other means of getting to Kampala,” the minister said.

According to the police, the two ministers were driven away in their official cars.