Easter Message from CCEDU

As we reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this Easterperiod, We invite all Ugandans to:

  • Take advantage of this season to invoke the eternal mercy of God to intervene in the security, political challenges and general well being of us all;
  • Reboot and embrace the responsibility to nurture a Uganda that works for us and the generations ahead;
  • Collectively build a common destiny of a peaceful, prosperous Uganda, with happy people. We implore government to:
  • Reflect upon and embrace a consensual approach to decision-making as well as serve all people regardless of their diversity;
  • Facilitate a participatory, transparent process of comprehensive political reform;
  • Facilitate a safe space for an inclusive national conversation on the broad challenges that we grapple with as a country, agree on and implement resolutions from the process.

From the life of Jesus Christ, may we learn to value forgiveness, humility, peace and accountable leadership by example. May we, in the same spirit shun betrayal.

May the Lord bless the people of this great country as we trudge towards a shared destiny of a democratic nation that many of our long gone countrymen and women died for.