Namuganza breaks down before MPs as probe kicks-off


The state minister for Lands Persis Namuganza got emotional as she testified before Parliament’s committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline that is investigating her attacks against the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

Namuganza was responding to a suggestion committee members whether she was willing to end her public feud with Kadaga.

Despite telling the committee that doesn’t desire to live a life of conflicts, Namuganza told the committee that as a politician, she could not simply let go an issue that has caused tension in her constituency.

It was at this point that Namuganza broke down, and for some time, the committee business paused.

Namuganza broke down while being probed by the committee.

The investigation was ordered on March 15 by Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who directed the committee to look into the utterances Namuganza has made through different platforms.

Oulanyah also asked the committee to suggest any possible parliamentary action or remedial action.

Speaking with rage, Namuganza accused Kadaga of ignoring President Yoweri Museveni’s advice on Busoga issues.

“Kadaga doesn’t belong to the royal family nor the royal council responsible for installing chiefs, I don’t know how and in what capacity she came to install the Nkono (Chief of Bukono chiefdom),” Namuganza said.

On February 26, Kadaga visited Bukono in Namutumba district to preside over the installation of Godfrey Mutyaba as the Nkono.

Namuganza, a member of the Bukono royal family does not agree to Kadaga’s choice of her (Namuganza) father’s heir that she resorted to a public war against Kadaga.

In Parliament, Kadaga represents Kamuli district in Bugabula chiefdom while Namuganza represents Bukono constituency.

Namuganza’s fight is not limited to Kadaga but also extends to the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadoipe II.

She has since declared her open support for Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi, son to former Kyabazinga Henry Wako Muloki, the other claimant to the Busoga throne.


In her testimony, Namuganza consistently spoke about her closeness to President Museveni and his involvement in the saga.

For instance, shee told the committee that Museveni was fully aware of what was going on, and, on the eve of Kadaga’s visit to Bukono, Museveni had sent her to Bukono to tell the community and the rural council to delay the installation of a heir to the late Charles Mutyaba, the former hereditary chief of Bukono.

Museveni followed this by sending the then police chief Gen Kale Kayihura to stop Kadaga’s function.
Kayihura however arrived when the function had been concluded.

She also spoke of Museveni’s closeness to her late father Charles Mutyaba’s family.

Committee members notably Abbas Agaba (Kitagwenda MP), Roland Kaginda Mugume (Rukungiri Municipality) and Gideon Onyango (Samia-Bugwe North) asked her to produce evidence of her communications with Museveni.

They also asked her to explain the extent to which Museveni is involved in the saga.

“I can’t speak about my relationship with the president. When I was starting, I asked you to interface with him, you’ll ask him, I can’t speak for him,” Namuganza told the MPs.

Namuganza (R) with glasses while appearing before the committee

Namuganza admitted making most of the statements attributed to her in media such as telling her constituents to pelt Kadaga with stones once she goes to Bukono again.

She claimed that she had received several text messages from people threatening her life and that she has a reason to suspect that the Speaker of Parliament wants to harm her.

“There is action by provocation and under the law, it is allowed,” Namuganza said.
MPs also asked her about her other fights with other women leaders like the state minister for ICT Idah Nantaba.

Namuganza said that her altercations with Nantaba were a result of Nantaba’s provocation when she (Nantaba) visited Bukono and abused her (Namuganza).

“She represents Kayunga district not a constituency like me but she went to Namutumba district and said that I was not fit to be even an LC 1 chairman yet I competed against seven men,” Namuganza said.