Sheeba Karungi hits back at Pornography Committee

Last week, the Pornography Control Committee issued a warning to singer Sheebah Karungi over her sensual dress code. However, the Team No Sleep singer hit back saying her dress code has nothing to do with her personal integrity

In an interview on local television stations, the singer said that it is only in Uganda where people hate someone for progressing “ People here are weird. They will hate you because you are progressing. The media will write bad stories about you but somehow I understand, we celebrities pay the price of our success” she said.

Sheebah also questioned the committee’s shift of blame to only the local artistes urging that; “The TVs their children watch play songs from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé who also have nudity in their videos but because Sheebah is Ugandan, she is the only one you pin to respect the dress-code norms.” She added.

The John Rambo  singer also revealed her new collabo with Africa’s best Wizkid for a project that will come out soon. On Monday, Sheeba Karungi announced that this month she will launch her hairline project.