#JinjaEastByElection Updates

Jinja Municipality East by-election updates in association with Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)

At Main Street Primary School Polling Station. Polling officials waiting for the 5 voters required by law to be present before commencement of the polling.

It is after 7:30am. Rain could potentially disrupt voting in many parts. The 3 island polling stations of: Kisima I, Kisima II and Lwabitoke haven’t yet received the polling materials.
Jinja East Constituency has a total of 47 polling stations.

A heavy downpour this morning as delivery of voting materials continues.


8:33am: At Main Street Primary school, Jinja town. Polling commences after 8am.
4 polling stations are gazetted at this school. However, a 5th polling station had earlier been erected here. Voter vigilance exposed the 5th un-gazetted polling station.
This is where NRM’s Igeme Nabeta will cast his vote at 10am.



FDC party president Amuriat shows a pre-ticked ballot in favor on NRM’s Nathan Nabeta

FDC President, Amuriat displays a ballot paperallegedly pre-ticked in favour of NRM candidate, Igeme Nabeta at Main Street Primary school. The situation in Jinja town is getting a bit rowdy, with accusations and counter accusations of ballot pre-ticking and vote rigging.







Provisional Results :
Walukuba East Primary School Polling Station

Mwiru 226
Igeme 151

Oboja junction polling station
Mwiru 163
Nabeta 83

Masse co p/S
Mwiru 70
Nabeta 114

Golf course
Mwiru 156
Igeme 79

Malaria unit
Mwiru 94
Igeme 54

Lake site N-Z
Mwiru 49
Igeme 84

Main Street
Igeme 47
Mwiru 77.east.

Iganga road
Mwiru 167
Igeme 78

Walukuba west N-Z
Mwiru 131
Igeme 71

Danida community
Mwiru 194
Nanette 128

Aldina A_Z
Mwiru 233
Nabeta 135

All Saints Church Nursery School

Paul Mwiru 246
Igeme Nabeta 121


Mwiru 175
Igeme 79

Service College

Mwiru 80
Igeme 22


Igeme 74
Mwiru 60

Kisima 1

Mwiru 95
Igeme 111

Kisima 2

Mwiru 79
Igeme 39


Mwiru 29
Igeme 33


Mwiru 80
Igeme 22

Main Street N-Z

Mwiru 141
Igeme 103


Igeme 42
Mwiru 143

vote counting at one of the polling stationa in Jinja.
FDC party leaders at the Electoral Commission tally centre at Busoga square.