Namuganza blames Kadaga, Kyabazinga for Busoga’s problems

State Minister for Lands Persis Namuganza has had her security beefed up as her disagreement with Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga deepens.
Kadaga and Namuganza are locked in a Busoga Kingdom leadership row that threatens to cause tensions in the kingdom.

Presidential protection police guard leads the way for Namuganza.

On Saturday, Namuganza called a press conference at a hotel in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb to respond to Friday’s decision by the Busoga Parliamentary Caucus to expel her.
Police commandos took over the management of the hotel’s security the moment she arrived to address journalists.
Others took positions in the hall where she sat with journalists while others remained on guard outside the hotel.

A counter terrorism police commando stands on guard of Namuganza’s official car.

The commandos from the police’s Counter terrorism unit joined a presidential police protection guard that Namuganza has been having since her appointment as minister in July 2016.

Namuganza’s disagreement with Kadaga got a high last week when Kadaga visited her Bukono County to preside over the installation of Emma Mutyaba as the Nkono (hereditary chief of Bukono).

Namuganza is the area MP and also a daughter to the late Charles Mutyaba, the former Nkono.
“Our father’s will indicated that he wanted Emma to be his heir but because he was the youngest, other family members rejected him and we consulted President Museveni who advised that we can delay the installation of a new chief and resolve the matter amicably,” Namuganza said.

By presiding over Emma Mutyaba’s installation, Namuganza said, Kadaga fuelled family disagreements.
“Our father had many women, that is why we have that disagreement over who should be the next Nkono,” the minister said.


During the said installation ceremony on February 26, Kadaga reportedly oversaw the election of the chiefdom’s council of ministers which Namuganza says is dominated by campaigners of her political opponent.

“It is clear that Kadaga has a political agenda against me. We have always been talking and consulting each other on so many things, I don’t know why this time, she found it difficult to call me and tell me about her visit to my constituency,” Namuganza said.

She further accused Kadaga of fighting any high profile Musoga that comes up.
She for instance blamed Kadaga for former Vice-president Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe’s fall from grace. She also listed the second deputy Prime Minister Hajji Ali Kirunda Kivejinja and NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba among the Busoga politicians that Kadaga is allegedly fighting.


Namuganza also scoffed at her colleagues (Busoga MPs) who announced on Friday that they had expelled her the caucus.
“I have never been a member of that caucus because it is not automatic that every MP from Busoga is a member,” she said.

“I had wanted to join but when I discovered that it has no values, no agenda and program to develop the people of Busoga and get them out of poverty, rid them of jiggers, I said I will not be part of it,” she added.

Namuganza accused the caucus to be working on Kadaga’s hidden agenda.
“The caucus has no legal mandate to expel me neither can they stop me from visiting any part of Busoga,” she said.

The caucus’ legal advisor, Bukooli MP Guster Mugoya said on Friday that they were going to write to all local governments in Busoga not to allow Namuganza to attend any public functions in their areas of jurisdiction.

Mugoya also said that the caucus was planning instituting criminal proceedings against the minister, and, also write to President Museveni to notify him of their resolutions.
Namuganza said that the actions of her colleagues showed a high degree of ignorance.

Namuganza’s presidential protection police guard opens the car door for her.