Bobi Wine: Museveni is no longer in-charge

Linda Esiana

Fresh from a leadership and governance course at the prestigious Harvard University’s JF Kennedy School of Governance, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) has questioned President Museveni’s abilities in the wake of increasing cases of kidnaps and murder in the country.
Addressing a news conference at national theatre in Kampala on Thursday, Bobi Wine said that it was unfortunate that President Museveni, who in 1989 while addressing a security meeting said that he could not preside over government whose security and district administrators could not trace murderers of innocent civilians.

“Unfortunately, 30 years later, it is the same President that only takes to social media to mourn people that are being gruesomely killed without any answer; this is not the first, we saw a spell of murders of women across Wakiso and nearby districts and indeed many Ugandans are killed and no police report at all,” Kyagulanyi said.
The MP that returned few days ago from USA after pursuing a leadership training course at Harvard University said it was sad coming back to Uganda and learn of the shocking kidnaps and the murder of Suzan Magara.

Magara who had been working as a cashier with Bwendero Dairy Farm in Hoima at its Kabakanjagala procurement office in Kampala was kidnapped three weeks ago and her body was found dumped in Kigo off the Entebbe expressway. She was snatched not very far away from her Lungujja home in Lubaga division where her car, together with hand bag and cellphone, were recovered.
Her kidnappers reportedly demanded for $1m (over Shs 3 billion) ransom money and only about Shs 700 million had been paid by the time information to the fact that her life had been so cruelly and violently ended by people still at large.

According to Kyagulanyi, the response from police and President Museveni is disappointing and offers no solution to the rampant kidnaps and murders in the country.
“The response of the president is not what we would expect from a president who is in charge. It was evident that our president is not in charge and indeed our security organs are not in control of the situation,” he said.

“It is disappointing to see that police has come up as another murder of a woman to put Shs100m bounty to look for killers when the same was not done when more than a dozen women were killed, that is a disappointment,” Kyagulanyi added.

He said it was time for Ugandans to realize that they must save themselves since they are not being led but ruled by a government, which has priorities in consolidating the grip on power instead of solving problems of the citizens.

In his statement at the murder of Magara, president Museveni said the murder “shows what sort of swine (pigs) we have in Africa that do not value treasures like the beautiful Suzzie whom, unfortunately, I had not had the opportunity of meeting.”

“The NRM defeated the rural terrorists like Kony and ADF, and defeated the Karimojong cattle rustlers because we created forces that could cope with those rural security challenges and equipment to assist them,” Museveni added.
He also said that mobile or fixed phone SIM cards should not be given to anybody without the electronic identity card.

“We may require the sellers of mobile phone SIM cards to have electronic identity card readers so that we rule out the photocopying of genuine electronic ID cards,” Museveni noted in his statement.   Museveni also said in order to eliminate criminals; it was necessary to look at two other measures: capturing the palm-print of everybody and the DNA of everybody, adding that some although some elements try to argue that capturing the DNA of people was not democratic, he could not understand why it is not democratic.   “DNA records of everybody are good to compare with blood samples, sweat, sperm etc found at the scene of the crime. Palm-prints are better than thumbprints because the criminal may leave the palm-print and not a thumbprint,” Museveni said.