14:30: President Museveni arrives at Boma grounds ahead of the celebrations for the 317 NRM MPs who voted for the removal of age limit and to launch the Align & Arrive campaign.


14:40: Rev Edward Musinguzi leads a prayer hailing the 317 MPs for passing the amendment. He thanks God for the special gift in Museveni to Ugandans.

14:45: Rev Edward Musinguzi concludes his prayer by claiming to be an intercessor who has been praying for Uganda over the past 40years

Sheikh Sulaiman Gugwa

14:47pm: Sheikh Sulaiman Gugwa, reciting from Chapter 3 of the Qur’an says that Museveni is here to stay. It is only God who will remove you from power.
“I want to answer my colleague religious leaders that we don’t have the power to tell Museveni to stop”


Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and several cabinet minsters in attendance.

14:55: Kiboga district administration primary school performs a welcome song for Museveni also hailing the 317 MPs for passing the constitutional amendments.
The song however had a message asking for Museveni’s support to buy a school bus to raise money for school lunch.

15:19: Kiwanguzi LC 1 chairman Barnabas Bashabe tells Museveni that despite the celebration, Kiboga Town Council needs a power transformer and better roads.
He also asks Museveni to prevail over NRM EC chairman Tanga Odoi and Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba. He says, the unfortunate statements that dominated the media last week are discrediting the party.

15:25: Spice Diana on stage now,Museveni craning his neck to get a better view of the singer.

15:32: Kiboga Sub county NRM chairman Stephen Matovu asks Museveni to buy for him a motorcycle, also asks Museveni to stand again for president.

15:36: Kiboga Town Council LC 3 chairman Hajji Sulaiman Ssekiwunga asks Museveni for financial support so that he can replace his house and car that were torched.

15:40: Kiboga LC 5 chairman Israel Yiga reports that NRM still enjoys solid support in the district.
“Kiboga district within the original Luweero triangle requires special support being that it was the centre stage for the liberation war”.
He calls for support to de-silt a number of water dams that were constructed under the water for production program.
He also asks Museveni for support for construction of a youth rehabilitation centre in the district

15:48: He reminds Museveni of his unfulfilled pledges notably, Ambulance for Bukomero health centre, clearing Shs 131bn electricity bill for Kiboga hospital, rehabilitation of a number of roads in the district and construction of houses for war veterans.

15:52: Kitaka Mayanja speaking on behalf of the war veterans reminds Museveni what they went through during the war.
He says that struggle started by 317 MPs must continue and live on like the struggle that the NRA rebels started in 1981.

16:02:  Government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa takes podium.
16:05: Nankabirwa gives special recognition to Igara West MP who moved the Constitutional Amendment bill that led to the scrapping of the presidential age limits.
Specially recognised are Magyezi’s seconders Doreen Amule (Amolatar Woman MP) and Jackson Kafuuzi (Kyaaka South MP) as well as Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and Jackson Oboth-Oboth the chairperson of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.

16:10: Nankabirwa says Oboth- Oboth was part of the team that drafted the bill that was eventually tabled by Magyezi.
“I want to congratulate Hon Oboth-Oboth for being strong. Despite all the intimidation, you showed them that you are indeed independent.” Also recognises Kassanda South Mp Simeo Nsubuga.

16:15: Nankabirwa announces that both Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah are well wishers who couldn’t attend due to technical reasons.
Also introduces Bunyole East MP James Waluswaka as one of she comedians the deployed to confuse the opposition MPs

16: 26: Kefa Kiwanuka Kiboga South MP tells Museveni that district is facing an acute water problem.

16: 30:  Bufumbira North MP Kamara Ninzeyimana invited to sing his “K’ogikutteko kiki ekiddirira” for Museveni. All the MPs present join in the dancing.

16:38: NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba speaking

16:45: Lumumba pays tribute to NRM leadership organs for endorsing the idea as generated by the Parliamentary caucus, hails the 317 MPs for enduring the insults and intimidation during the process of amending the constitution. Congratulates Museveni, Kadaga and Oulanyah.

Amendment does not only benefit Museveni because he is not the only one who is above 75. It also benefits those below 35 years who under the old arrangement could not stand for President.

We need to act decisively on some members of the public who humiliate our MPs. We all saw what happened to Kassanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga during the Kabaka coronation anniversary, some other MPs have been pelted with stones but the perpetrators go scot free.

A honourable MP should never be attacked and humiliated like that, the perpetrators should not be handled with kid gloves

16:48: Ronald Mayinja on stage now, after, Museveni will reward NRM caucus leaders.

17:05: President Museveni speaks now
Museveni hails residents of the districts that make the traditional Ssingo county (Mityana, Kiboga and Kyankwanzi districts) for supporting NRM right from the days of the liberation war.

17: 10: Notes an increase in the population of the area which could be standing at 2 million. NRM has not betrayed you because we ensured total peace. It is not easy for the country to the days of turmoil and whoever thinks can distablise the country is deceiving himself. It is better for such a person to take poison and die quickly than thinking of destabilising the country.
There are still cases of criminality especially in Kampala. Those don’t qualify for case of insecurity and we are going to wipe them out once we install CCTV cameras.

17:16: Woman who dashes out of the crowd and moved toward Museveni’s podium, she is however restrained by SFC guards.
Museveni shouts out orders in Swahili to his guards not to manhandle the woman.

17:19: Museveni resumes his speech, talking about the developments so far registered such the tarmacking of all major roads in the country, connecting to all borders.
He invites the Kiboga sub county NRM chairman Stephen Matovu to receive cash to buy a motorcycle that he begged for.

17:25: Museveni: On two occasions we attacked Kabamba barracks and failed but succeeded on the third attempt. If the OWC seeds have failed to germinate, don’t give up.

17:35: Museveni admits being behind the eviction of artisan gold miners in Mubende.
“Unlike others who fear to act, I don’t. We needed to protect the gold mines from those who were smuggling the gold out, taking it to gold refineries in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and South Africa because we have built our own refinery at Entebbe. I want your children to get good jobs at our refinery, the only one in East Africa”.

17:40: Museveni however regrets the highhanded manner in which UPDF soldiers handled the evictions.

17:56: Museveni Hails the 317 MPs, says NRM moved the amendment after provocation from the opposition.
He declares the 317 MPs the new historicals. “I want to congratulate the 317 because they have become historicals for contributing to the stability of Uganda”

18:00: Directs for the eviction of cultivators in Lwamata swamp.

18:05: Museveni Concludes by congratulating NRM organs CEC, NEC, Caucus and district executives upon the amendment, says the country is now assured of stability,continuity.

18:10: END